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  1. Routinely change air filters for system efficiency, it will keep you healthier by improving your air quality.
  2. Don’t close air vents to save money, it will strain your system causing more wear & tear!
  3. Have your home comfort system inspected by a qualified tech in the fall and spring to ensure your system’s running properly…ask about our Maintenance Program!
  4. Install a programmable thermostat, it could save about $180 every year in energy costs!
  5. Duct insulation is key to efficiency and can save you 10% to 30% on every dollar spent!
  6. Keep AC & heat units free of leaves, pollen & grass.
  7. Clear 2 feet of space around outdoor AC & heat units
  8. Inspect refrigerant lines each month.
  9. Replace your air filter every 30 days.
  10. Summer; turn off water to the furnace humidifier if you have one.
  11. Fall; replace the humidifier filter and turn on water.
  12. Clear AC condensation drain with bleach/water mixture.

Ask Before Hiring an HVAC Contractor

Bower Heating & Air would like to provide you a list of key questions to ask before hiring an HVAC contractor. We have provided this to educate and inform you on some various aspects of the HVAC industry to help with making an informed decision regarding your Heating and Cooling needs.

As a well-respected and established Heating and Cooling company, we do our best to maintain the highest standards, quality, workmanship, integrity and training to keep up-to-date with the latest industry technology. Use the links below to learn about what to look for in a first-class HVAC contractor.

Is the heating and cooling company you are receiving an estimate from licensed and insured?

A heating and cooling company that does not have a Virginia General Contractor’s license will probably not have the proper insurance either. For your protection as a homeowner, you should ask for a copy of the company’s proof of insurance. While a company may state “licensed and insured”, the only way to be certain you are hiring a properly licensed and insured contractor is to see a copy of their proof of insurance. The two types of insurance you should look for from the company are general liability insurance and, most importantly, workman’s compensation.

What are the risks of hiring an HVAC contractor without the proper insurance?

The first, and most financially devastating risk would be a lawsuit from an employee who may be injured while performing work at your home. If the company does not have workman’s compensation insurance, the employee, if injured at your residence, can file a lawsuit against you as the homeowner seeking compensation for medical bills and other damages. Workman’s compensation insurance covers 100% of any injuries that may occur to an employee while on the job, and you should never hire a company that does not have it.

Bower Heating & Air Conditioning is a Virginia licensed Class A General Contractor (license #2705142362) and can provide you a copy of our general liability and workman’s compensation insurances.

Does the company provide Load Studies?

In layman’s terms, a load study or analysis is the calculation of the cooling and heating loads on a building or zone. It is the most important step in determining the size of the cooling and heating equipment. Proper sizing of HVAC equipment can mean savings in initial & operating cost of mechanical equipment and increased comfort. In the heating and cooling industry, bigger is not always better. You may be inclined to think that a larger HVAC system would keep your home more comfortable while causing less strain on the equipment. This is not true! Equipment over sizing causes frequent cycling of equipment and poor dehumidification during cooling months.
Bower Heating & Air’s salespeople and designers will make sure your equipment is sized properly producing year-round comfort and efficiency from your HVAC system.

Do they regularly complete courses to stay abreast of the latest technology?

As with any industry, technology is constantly changing and improving in the heating and cooling sector. Be sure your HVAC contractor is educated about the latest heat pumps, thermostat controls, humidifiers, air cleaners and other equipment. When investing up to a few thousand dollars in a new HVAC system, you will want to get the best that is currently available.

When getting an estimate from Bower Heating & Air, we will gladly explain your options and pricing to ensure that you can make a well-educated decision for your needs and budget.

Do they have an educated and experienced working knowledge of air flow?

Have you ever forgotten to change your air filter for a prolonged period of time? If so, you probably had coils freezing up in the summer or noticed your system was having to work very hard to keep your house comfortable if it was even able to do so. Just as a clogged filter, restricting airflow, can drastically reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment, so can poor duct design. No matter how advanced or efficient your new heating and cooling system may be, it can be rendered almost useless without proper duct design and installation. Be sure your HVAC contractor has updated training and certifications for the latest technology in HVAC system design. At Bower Heating & Air, we stay current with our training and keep a copy of completed courses and certificates in our office.

Do they provide a written warranty for their work?

When you invest in a new heat pump, furnace, air conditioner or even service on your current heating and cooling system, wouldn’t you like to have the peace of mind in knowing that the finished product is warrantied? Bower Heating & Air Conditioning offers some of the best warranties in the heating and cooling industry. We stand behind our work and go above and beyond customer satisfaction to maintain an impeccable reputation.